Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Detailed Dots

As you can probably tell, I absolutely love button down shirts. I feel as if I wear one at least twice a week. They are effortless and give that clean look to your outfit! That goes to girls and guys.
I kindly received this freaking awesome dotted button down from Canvas Lands' End. From far away, it looks like a normal button down...but then..you walk closer and it's totes not.

You can win this shirt, along with a bunch of other goodies, in a giveaway that Lands' End is sweet enough to sponsor for me! You can check out the giveaway blog post here or if you don't like waiting, you can head over to their website and purchase it. I would say their clothing is Ralph Lauren/Tommy Hilfiger/Nautica/Lacoste-esque. Haha. Soo that means it's good stuff!

P.S. Who else is obsessing over One Direction's newest album!? I'm in loveee!!! I am seeing them in the summer and I cannot wait!
  • White and red dotted button down: c/o Canvas Lands' End
  • Red shorts/Black velvet blazer/gold buckle belt: Thrift store - .99/.99/.25
  • Black booties: UrbanOG
  • White Clutch: Calvin Klein
  • Cat eye sunnies: Charming Charlie's - $12

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You look adorable and I love teh location!
Great detail on your button down.
Your new follower,
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