Saturday, October 20, 2012

Inspired by

I have always been obsessed by menswear. If you have ever checked out my Tumblr blog, then you will probably see a lot of it because I tend to reblog too much of it. It is just something about chinos and oxford button downs that draws me in.
And so, the look today was totally inspired by menswear.

My brother posed like this on his own. Haha!

  • White button up/Vest/Black velvet blazer: Thrift store - .99/.99/.99
  • Black skirt/black ring: eBay
  • Black wedge boots: Asos
  • White clutch: Calvin Klein 
  • White watch: Emporio Armani

12 lovely comments:

erica marie said... [Reply]

love the men inspired look, such a cute outfit and your brother is adorable. New follower here, hope you can stop by my blog and follow if you like.

xo erica

makeITpink said... [Reply]

I've always been a fan of men's look. Love the outfit! Thanks for visiting my blog. Im following you now, so hope you can follow back and let's keep in touch!

Well... said... [Reply]

I never really paid attention to the menswear trend to be honest, but girl, you're making me now! Haha, you rocked this look so perfectly. It's so grown up and chic ♥
And aw, what a cute little poser your brother is ;)

Trendy Teal

Monia. said... [Reply]

i like it !
sweet little boy :D

Fashion babel said... [Reply]

love that wedges!
New post here, check it out if you're interested!

Felicia Tan said... [Reply]

love the look! very classy and stylish. and your brother is super cute! xxx

Tori said... [Reply]

Loving this look! That bow is super adorable :)

Laura said... [Reply]

Wow this outfit is absolutely perfect!!! Seriously AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Marsa said... [Reply]

thank you for your comment! i love your style too! i'm following you now :)

CoastWithMe said... [Reply]

Love your velvet blazer over the vest! So gorgeous!

Rita @

Anonymous said... [Reply]

that lovely brother of yours.... <3 so cute...

Nancy said... [Reply]

I LOVE this look. it's styled so well!

Your little brother IS SO CUTE!!!