Monday, July 23, 2012

Florida Trip: Part I / Solilor

I got back to Tennessee this morning at 6:30 AM. Oh man, was I tired. I went with my grandparents and since my grandma does not drive, my grandpa was sleepy and swerved a lot, so I took over and drove. I slept in till 4! Soo late.

Anyway, I went to Daytona. The weather....was insane. I thought Tennessee was humid. Nope. It is extremely humid that it was hard to breathe! I curled my hair, but seriously after 10 minutes of walking, it completely uncurled. :o The weather would have been great without the humidity. With having been in Vegas a few weeks before, I totally prefer Vegas over Daytona any day.

Here is a dress from Solilor that I decided to wear while there! It is a chiffon material, so it was a no brainer to wear it because it is light weight. And I love the colors on it!

P.S. Although this was just a weekend trip, I will post my other Florida outfit in a separate post and will post a picture post. (Just like the Vegas trip) ^_^

  • Birds and Flower print dress: c/o Solilor
  • White and gold sandals: Enzo Angiolini

6 lovely comments:

Ileana said... [Reply]

That dress is beautiful!
Tennessee's weather right now must be terrible hot...I was there in may and was melting! Still, the humidity in argentina is my hair was in heaven there! bhahaha Hope you had a great trip...

turquoiseinlove said... [Reply]

that dress is so beautiful! :))


Pao said... [Reply]

This dress is very pretty, the pattern is adorable!
Im a new follower :)


sonia de macedo said... [Reply]

I am soooo in love with the print of your dress! Shame about the humidity, I'll be sure to keep that in mind if I ever get around to visiting!

Have a lovely day

Yuli Conversations said... [Reply]

what a pretty dress! you look beautiful

pj said... [Reply]

love the dress..