Monday, May 28, 2012

eBay Jewelry Haul

It amazes me the stuff you can find on eBay. You can pretty much find everything for way cheap. Usually, if I don't get it from the thrift store, I get it off of eBay. I suppose you have to know the right key words to type in to find what you're looking for.
For the month of April and May, I went a little eBay crazy and bought so much stuff, but the thing is, most of the jewelry ranges from .99-$4 (Not including the neck/ankle cuffs). Crazy right?
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(Only all the animal rings I purchased. :x)
(Ankle cuffs (which I also use as bracelets and arm cuffs; so versatile!) and neck cuff)
(I have a matching claw ring!)
Total purchase for all of this is was probably around $40~. Yay for eBay!

P.S. Here are some items I put into my Etsy Shop.
Happy Monday!

12 lovely comments:

NaNa said... [Reply]

OMG I am so jealous of all your purchases! They are amazing and I can't believe you got them for so cheap. Love love love all the animal rings and now i'm inspired to look for some cool jewelry pieces to wear ^_^

Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

Olivia said... [Reply]

I just fell in love with ebay. All of those rings??? I need to shop there :)

erica marie said... [Reply]

great purchases, such a great deal. I need to start looking on ebay.

xo erica

A place called Adelaide said... [Reply]

OMG I just can't believe that you got most of these lovely items from ebay! Looks like I've been shopping in thw wrong places :) x

sincerelylastyear said... [Reply]

OHHH Can you provide a search key word for the cuff with the claws? I've been looking for one for forever and none of the ones that I found had the skinny claws..

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

@sincerelylastyear The key word I use for that would probably be something like 'Claw Cuff' or 'Claw bracelet'. (:

mickey Vin said... [Reply]

I love those gold cuffs. I've been looking for a neck cuff like that for forever. Do you think your able to send me the link to them?? If you can still find them. ^^

Grace Hui said... [Reply]

Love it! Would you mind sharing the ebay store? :) Thanks!!

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

@mickey Vin I can't find the exact one, but here is a really similar one!

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

@Grace Hui There isn't just one exact eBay store I buy from, I just search in words and whatever pops up. So they're all from random! Haha

Jenna Heap said... [Reply]

SUch an amazing haul!!!!!
Follow me?
-Jen <3

hardpliers said... [Reply]

Such beautiful jewelry, so jelly :)