Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hi guys! Lately, I've been trying to find the perfect swimsuit for the summer. This year, I want to try out a monokini. So far, I've seen two that I've really liked. I'm most likely going to purchase the Victoria's Secret one because it comes in bra sizes, and I need that support for my flat chest. Haha.

(Left: Victoria's Secret Push-Up Cut-Out/ Right: Robin Piccone Penelope Crochet Overlay)

I also added some more items to my etsy shop! A bow tie, slave bracelet, and a necklace! Click here to visit my jewelry shop!

Last thing, is the video! Her channel is Krisven12. She has a great fashion sense. Mostly thrifting. (Just like me!) Pretty similar style to mine, so if you like how I dress, totes check her out!

And I'll end with an acoustic cover of One Direction, what makes you beautiful. My sister and I! I didn't really want to sing, but she thought it would sound better. Whatevs. Happy Thursday guys!

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