Thursday, February 16, 2012

In for the gold.

I went to Charming Charlie's and they had a 5 for $5 sale. That's pretty good because that place is pretty pricey.  I am in love with accessories. If I can't make it myself, I'll buy it. And so it began...

                (the first ring is probably my favorite because it's similar to the Yves Saint Laurent ring)

           (I'm still not sure if that's the correct way to wear the necklace, but that's how I wore it today.)

I also got a pair of cat eye sunglasses for $9.98. I don't usually pay that much for sunglasses, but I've been trying to find the right pair of it and these are close enough.

4 lovely comments:

Elena said... [Reply]

sooo cute! What is Charming Charlie's? Is it only a Tennessee store?

Elena said... [Reply]

ahh soooo gorgeous! I love jewelry as well! What is Charming Charlie's? Is it only a Tennessee thing?

Sharena C. said... [Reply]

@Elena It's a retail store only for jewelry. It's so overwhelming! I'm not sure if it's only in Tennessee though.

Lyn said... [Reply]

Love that YSL look-a-like ring and the sunnies!
I came to this post by reading your '2 years anniversary' :)
xo Lyn