Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Travelling Upstate New York

The most I have traveled in the northeast, outside of New York City, has been to New Jersey. Those trips weren't much of anything due to the fact I went out there for photoshoots and came right back into the city. I recently made a trip to upstate New York for the first time and it reminded me a lot like my homestate, Tennessee. Everything was calming and relaxing. 

My friend, Ty and I made our way to Baldwin Winery in Pine Bush, New York. It was very much like a farm style. There was a barn, animals, huge backyard, hay, etc. They have this apple wine that literally just took us away. The best dessert wine I've ever had!

After we hung out at Baldwin for a bit and ate huge personal sized pizzas, we made our way 10 minutes away to Angry Orchard. THE Angry Orchard where they pick their apples and brew their ciders! Now, I don't drink much alcohol, but if I had a choice of drink. It would most likely be this. 

Here's a vlog about my first trip upstate!
It was a perfect apple getway from the big apple itself.

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