Wednesday, July 5, 2017

10 Year Vegi-versary!

It has been a solid 10 years since I have become vegetarian. July 1, 2007 was the official date. It's crazy how I lasted that long and is still going strong. Now, living in New York City has definitely made it somewhat easier because there's so many people that live here that the vegan/vegetarian community is actually quite large. So, there's plenty of vegan restaurants and a section in the grocery stores for meat-less products. It's wonderful!

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary, I went to a cute little vegan restaurant called, V Spot on St. Marks and later, topped it off with vegan ice cream at Van Leeuwen.

Watch my vlog episode over this day and why I became a veghead:

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Natalie Da Silva said... [Reply]

wow this is lovely! Glad you made it 10 years of being a vegetarian! :)