Tuesday, February 28, 2017


 The longer you live in New York, the more you learn to layer in all the different ways. This is usually tough because if you want to stay warm, your fit ends up never looking great due to the fact you choose to wear the fattest coat and scarf you own. Here is a way I chose to layer without going the route of the usual New York uniform. I went with my usual: tank under a shirt, under a turtle neck technique and added another tank on top. After this, it's onto the outerwear layering: anorak over a leather jacket. For stylish outerwear layering, I suggest checking out Simons.ca, there is a huge variety to choose off that site!
Pink Metallic Top: H&M
Silver Metallic Jacket: Zara
Black Anorak: Alexander Wang
White High Waist Jeans: Lee's
Black Pointed Shoes: Zara

Photos by: Stephen Sherman

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Love all your layers!